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Virtual Coaching & DIY Plans

If face-to-face organization is not an option for you because of physical restrictions, time restrictions or some other reason, virtual organizing is a perfect alternative!

This is also a great opportunity...

- to learn organizational skills,

- take control of your home with the help of a guide,

- use the expertise of a professional organizer at a discount!

Check out our FAQ about virtual organizing and find out if it's the right fit for you!

In addition to virtual coaching, we suggest purchasing a DIY plan! This customized plan includes step by step instructions, To-Do lists, suggested products, and a space plan.


$75/hour for virtual coaching (Zoom)

$100 for DIY plan (1 space)

For $250, you get...

- 1st coaching session (vision, goal setting and mindset coaching)

- a DIY plan for one space of focus

- 2nd coaching session (follow up and next steps)

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