Packing and Unpacking

Moving has the potential to create clutter and disorganization. Whether you are planning a move, just moved in, or have been moved in for a while but still haven't gotten around to unpacking everything, we can help save you time, energy, and stress.

What's Included:

Packing: We simply pack any rooms and belongings you desire in an efficient, safe, and orderly way.

Unpacking: We organize while we unpack. Let us do that part of turning your stuffed boxes into your beautifully organized new home.

Everything in between: We are here to take care of all other moving needs as well! We can drop off donations after our declutter, organize a trash pick up for things you are not taking to your new place, communicate with the movers, and even organize your garage sale for you!


Packing: $70/hour

Unpacking: $85/hour


530 - 999 - 8444

Serving organizing desires in Metro Detroit and South-East Michigan.

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