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Virtual Organizing: FAQ

Updated: Feb 10

So what is virtual organizing and why should I consider this as an option for my organizational needs?


What is virtual organization?

This is NOT the same as having a professional organizer in your home. You do not have someone who is there in real time, helping you declutter and organize things. You do not have someone doing the project for you or actively helping you fold and organize things.

However, in times when having a professional organizer in your home is not an option, virtual organizing is a great alternative!

The follow up is also where you would ask questions like, "what about this spatula? Keep or throw away?" or "what should I do with this dress that I don't fit into yet but I really love?"

If you realize that decisions on certain items are just too hard to make, it's okay! We can schedule a session where we go through all of those problem items one-by-one and talk through it. This is exactly what I would be doing with you if we were face-to-face!


Who is virtual organization for?

- Someone who is not ready to have a professional organizer in their home either because of COVID-19 or some other personal reasons.

- Someone who does not have a professional organizer in their area.

- Someone who enjoys using technology and connecting with people online.

- Someone who is fairly self-sufficient but might need encouragement, step-by-step solutions and accountability.

- Someone who has one or two problem areas that they want to tackle which bring them anxiety and stress.

- Someone who is getting ready to move and needs help coming up with a manageable plan of action

- Someone who is ready to get their space in order!


What are the benefits of virtual organization?

- Solutions to those stressful, cluttered areas now! (not a month from now when professional organizers are allowed to work in homes again)

- Fully personalized, one-on-one coaching and professional expertise

- Budget-conscious coaching (only purchase the sessions you need)

- Work on your own schedule! (A professional organizer is not going to come into your home at midnight, but with a step-by-step plan, this might be the perfect time to tackle that pantry!)

- Maximize your space and time with our personalized plans and product lists

- Learning new skills in how to manage your space and keep your belongings organized


How much does virtual organizing cost?

The cost of virtual organizing depends on the amount of hours or sessions that you need. Video calls and coaching session are $75/hour. A minimum of 2 hours have to be purchased; one for consultation and coaching and one for follow up.

With virtual organizing hours, you also have a choose to purchase a step-by-step plan, personalized for your specific needs and space for $100. When you get a DIY plan, you will receive step-by-step instructions, a list of suggested products, as well as e-mail and text support during the duration of the project.

Are you ready to book a session now?

Do not hesitate; you need it, your house needs it and your family will thank you!

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