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Story Time: a busy working mom

Updated: Mar 24

I work with a lot of busy, working moms but this one…well, she takes the cake.

When this client hired me, she was running multiple businesses as a single mom of 3 beautiful kids. Her home was beautiful and spacious, but she did not have the time, the energy or the know-how to set it up correctly. She felt overwhelmed, tired and had a hard time being present at home.

We began organizing and decluttering upstairs and eventually made it through her entire house. It was a long process but we focused on our priorities and the big goal she set during our consultation; to have a peaceful and orderly home where she could rest and hang out with her family.

Some sessions required her assistance for decluttering and other sessions, my assistant and I worked on our own. She was able to enjoy her Saturdays; hang out with her kids or go to a group class at the gym. And then, she would come home to an organized pantry! Or a beautiful, orderly office! Or a clean laundry room!

Seeing her excitement and hearing her sigh of relief whenever she would see the new organized space, made it all worth it! Even her teenagers were impressed with the spaces we did!

And the best part? Whenever we came back for yet another session, I was so happy to see the previously organized spaces remain that way!

Because I focus so much on creating realistic and simple systems that EVERYONE in the home can use and keep up with, my clients' home tend to stay exactly how I set them up for a really long time!

When we were finally done with her home, my client could not have been happier! She was excited to come home everyday. Her home became a place of rest, harmony and order for her and her family.

And guess what? A few months late she hired me to do her office space too (hehe)


Did you connect to this story? Do you feel more like the "before" version of my client than the after? Is your space chaotic or peaceful?

You don't have to keep living this way. It's okay to ask for help.

Schedule a FREE consultation right now and we can chat about your organizing needs!

It's time for you to invest in yourself, your space and your family.

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