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Spring Cleaning your Entertainment Spaces: Living, Dining and Kitchen

Updated: Mar 23

This section includes the living room, dining room and kitchen. These are the most used spaces when company comes over or when you are hosting a small gathering.

Since these are the areas that we clean up most often anyways and they are most visible for us and others, I think it's a good place to start when it comes to spring cleaning.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired by these few tips to begin your spring cleaning and organizing this year!


Living Room

Minimize visual clutter

Though we love to display things and decorate in our entertaining spaces, it is important to keep unnecessary visual clutter either hidden or moved to a different room or storage area.

Baskets for quick cleanup

We also have a few baskets around to keep miscellaneous things out of the way like toys, blankets, etc.

Put away what doesn't belong

Since my goal is to always have a place for guests to sit, it’s important that our couch is not overflowing with laundry, too many pillows or throws or an overwhelming amount of toys. By having places for these things to go, you can insure that your space stays clean and tidy.


Dining Room

Decluttering is always the first step

Make sure to donate anything you have not used in the last year and you do not see yourself using during the next holidays. If you cannot put a specific date on "one day" then it needs to go.

Not fit for a guest

Declutter everything that is broken, damaged or chipped If this is an item you would not let a guest use, get rid of it!

Keep like items together

Categories such as places, platters, silverware, napkins, etc. should be visually separated and organized so you can find them quickly next time they are needed.



Declutter and Rehome

Go through every drawer and cabinet by emptying it and getting rid of what you do not need or use. At the same time you can rehome things; perhaps something belongs in a different room, needs to go back to a family member or simply needs to be in a different part of the kitchen.

Check on the flow

Once you’ve decluttered everything, make sure that the flow of your kitchen makes sense – is the coffee maker and tea kettle by the mugs? Are the plates and bowls close to the dishwasher? Are the cooking and baking utensils close to the stove and oven?

Clear the counters

I suggest keeping as many things as possible off the counters, to make prepping, cooking and cleaning easier day to day. If you have to keep things on the counter, I suggest using a tray so items can be moved off the counter easier and quicker.


The few tips offered here are meant to begin your spring cleaning and organizing journey and are in no way extensive!

If you would like more help thinking about your spaces, creating a vision for your home and setting realistic cleaning and organizing goals for resetting your home, go here to purchase "The Home Reset; Guide and Workbook" that is meant to take you from conceptualization to execution on your vision for your space. This self-guiding e-book is perfect for you if you're ready to clean and organize your home with intention.

Also make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook as we will be posting content, tips and helpful cleaning hacks every week!

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