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Our Values

At Reum Organizing, we are serious about what we do.

Our passion for seeing people be successful and thrive is what lead us to start doing professional organizing.

Our mission is to help you, a successful, ambitious and confident person, have a home and a place of work that reflects exactly that! 

We want your home to feel like the retreat you have always wanted and we want your office or place of business to be efficient and inspirational for everyone.

So our passion and our mission is deeply reflected in our six core values below.

We hope you enjoy learning about our business and our heart for helping people!


Our work is very sensitive. We realize that it is not easy to just let someone into your home and to show them your messy and unpolished places. We know it takes courage to ask for help.

This is why we guarantee 100% confidentiality when it comes to our projects. We only take before and after pictures with your permission. We only post pictures on social media with your permission. We only use the first name and location when posting testimonials on our website.


We believe honesty is profoundly important in business.

Our goal is for total transparency with our pricing. We offer package pricing so you know exactly what you are paying for and you don't have to worry about unexpected costs or confusing line items.

Our goal is for total transparency in communication. Everyone deserves to be communicated with genuinely and directly, without hidden sales tactics or unspoken permissions.


Both clients and organizers should always be kind and gracious toward each other.

It is our goal to foster a professional relationship that is built on respect and mutual consideration.

This is an absolute judgement free zone. We understand the risk that comes with allowing people to enter into your space and we would never want you to feel uncomfortable.


We focus on making a positive impact on our clients, their families and our greater community through organization and authentic involvement.

We hope every household will be more peaceful and restful when we leave it. We hope every business will thrive more after working with us. We hope every person that seeks our help will be inspired and empowered. We hope our impact overflows profoundly into the community.


It is important to not focus on what is, but instead, we can have the objective view to help you see what can be.

Organizing can be so overwhelming and the project might seem too big to tackle.

Let's define your vision for your life and your space together.

Once we understand your vision, we can help you make it your reality.


Organizing is not easy and emotions often resurface or are triggered by the process.

It is essential that both the organizer and the client are considerate and kind to each other.

Taking breaks and re-centering on the vision for the project is very important when things get hard.


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about your business core values.

If this sounds like someone you would like to work with, please contact us here. We are excited to set up a FREE consultation with you!

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