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Non-Traditional, Clutter-Free Gifts

We all have those people in our lives who are just difficult to buy gifts for! I have these people in my family too and I have to get really creative for these family members and friend…

  • They are minimalists and don’t want to add clutter to their lives

  • They are extremely successful and content; they only thing they complain about not having enough of is time!

  • They are always on the move! Traveling a lot; either for pleasure or work.

  • The things they want you can’t wrap in a box! They want a renovation, chores done, things built or fixed, etc. The classic mom list!

This is when experience gifts are perfect!

When no object can truly satisfy, get creative and think outside the box!

Even during the pandemic, there are ways to gift people experiences over stuff.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why experience gifts are just that more awesome!


1. Less stuff, less clutter

This is the main reason people like experiences over things! With how caught we have been in consumerism, everyone feels like they are just drowning in stuff! Instead of giving your loved ones another thing that they will need a place to store, get them something that is priceless; memories!


2. The best memories are made with experiences!

I absolutely agree with this because the best gifts I have ever received were experiences! Things get lost, break, or wear out, but your memories will be with you forever! What is something your loved one has always wanted to try? A place they have always wanted to go?


3. Personal touch

Experience gifts convey a personal touch that you want when giving and receiving a gift. Investing in a special experience for your friend or family member says that you have listened to them, truly know their likes and understand who they are as a person more than any monogrammed blanket.


4. Time is precious!

You can buy almost anything, but time is something that many people agree they want more of.

Experiences buy us time! Time with family, friends, and loved ones. Time enjoying ourselves, delighting in a hobby or discovering something new. Experience gifts allow us to enjoy time well spent, really being present and enjoying ourselves.

This is also where service gifts are introduced! Maybe someone you love LITERALLY doesn’t have time to do something but know that their life would be so much easier if it could be done for them! By getting them a coupon for a cleaning service, yard care, organizing, a babysitter (so they can finally have date nights again!) could be exactly the personal touch they are looking for!


5. Make a real difference!

Get something that will actually make a difference – hire house cleaner, repaint/refurnish the living room, etc.

Service gifts are a huge game changer! Maybe you cannot redecorate your daughter’s living room, but you can hire someone to help. Maybe you are not handy but know that your wife has always wanted to get that coffee table refinished. Hire out! Maybe the basement is an eye-sore for the whole family and you just need someone to organize it so the whole family can use the space. Get a gift certificate for organizing services! These are not things you can put in a box and open on Christmas morning, but man, are they going to make a real impact in someone’s every day life!


6. Support local businesses

Buying experiences is a perfect opportunity to support local service businesses during this time. While many brick-and-mortar stores have been able to go online or keep their doors open with essential goods, many services cannot do the same. Invest in your local service providers by purchasing coupons or paying for months in advance. It helps the business and allows your gift-receiver to have peace of mind knowing they can continue enjoying the services they need and love.


7. Help with a new year resolution!

This is a perfect opportunity to make someone’s Christmas morning AND help the gift spread into the next year! If you know your friend or family-member who sets new year resolutions, this is your chance to help them succeed! Your daughter wants to take up working out more regularly in the upcoming year? Help her achieve that by gifting her a gym membership or paying for the first couple months. Your son wants to impress his fiancé on their wedding day? Help him wow everyone by gifting him dancing lessons so he is ready for the big day. Your wife promises she will finally organize the kitchen and get into cooking again in 2021? Help her succeed by hiring an organizer who will guide her and help her achieve her goal!


I hope this blog was helpful and encouraging! I really believe that experience and service gifts are the way to go for this holiday season and I hope you consider getting really creative this year and investing your money in a beautiful, lifechanging experience for your loved ones!

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