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Morning Routine: Ideas and Activities

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Are you trying to put together a morning routine but not sure what to include?

Check out my blog about setting up your perfect morning routine here.

But if you already read through that but you just need a couple ideas, you are in the right place.

All of the activities are organized by type and you will notice that some are mentioned in multiple places. This is no mistake! Something like journaling and meditating can cover multiple aspects of your morning routine.

Still need practical, visual help to build your routine? Stay turned for a free worksheet that you can print and keep handy.



Things to consider:

- smell: candle or essential oils?

- comfort: cozy blanket, comfy chair or refreshing morning air?

- energy: calm or motivating?

- sound: silence, nature sounds or music?

- light: dimmed lamps or windows open wide?

- clutter: clean and organized or little mess doesn't bother you much?



Ideas that can help you nourish your body:

- go for a run or a walk

- do yoga or stretch

- drink a glass of water

- take your vitamins or supplements

- eat breakfast

- drink tea or coffee

- work out; so many free classes on YouTube!

- take a shower

- skin care (who said self-care in form of masks has to be done at night?)



How you can engage your spirit and your purpose:

- read faith based books

- listen or say affirmations

- make declarations about your life

- meditate

- pray and/or worship

- journal (specifically about your calling and purpose)

- reflect on inspirational quotes

- watch the sunrise or spend time reflecting on the beauty of nature



Some ideas to get creative with:

- brainstorm (on a business idea, a dream, a personal problem, etc.)

- artistic outlets (paint, sketch, calligraphy, photography, etc.)

- write (journaling or blogging style)

- brain dump (get all of your to-dos or ideas on one page) (***perfect for mornings when you have too much on your mind and focusing on anything is difficult)

- sing or listen to deeply moving music

- create something new!

- make a dream board or set goals



How you can challenge yourself intellectually:

- read a book

- listen to an informative podcast

- watch an educational video

- implement a new idea in your business or life

- do something fun like Sudoku or a puzzle

- doing research on a topic of interest

- learn a language (Duolingo for 30 minutes a day can seriously challenge your mind!)



I hope you enjoyed these ideas that I have shared and are feeling encouraged, motivated and inspired!

I would love to hear what your routines are and how you are implementing new habits into your life.

Follow me on Instagram at @organize_rdd and share your ideas and accomplishments.

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