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How to make a perfect "Welcome Home!" box for your move

Wow, Congratulations! You are moving!

As you are riding the emotional roller coaster of transition and change, you do your best to be so organized and on top of it when it comes to your relocation. The truck is rented, the movers are hired, dear friends are ready to help pack and unpack.

Overall, it all goes very smoothly. Nothing was lost, nothing was broken. But man, it's evening time before you know it and it's time to enjoy your first night in your new home!

But wait, your family needs to eat, you all want to shower, and where in the world did you pack those sheets so everyone can actually sleep in their beds?

Before you know it, everyone is tearing through boxes, unable to find the shower curtain, toilet paper or your toddler's comfort toy (and with all the changes he is already a ticking time bomb!).

All of your careful organization doesn't seem to matter now; the place is a chaos!

Don't worry, friend. Breathe. This doesn't have to be you!

You just need a "welcome home" box! It's full of all of the essentials you will need for your first night at your new home.

My husband and I just moved and this was a game changer!

He had to move in by himself after driving across the country for four days. Then finally, my son and I joined him late that night after flying all day and navigating airports with a toddler. We knew that we were going to be exhausted and there was no telling how our son was going to handle all the travel. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Well it wasn't! Because we had a "welcome home" box, he knew what needed to be unpacked first, without getting overwhelmed. Our son was asleep within 20 minutes of getting home and I got to shower and eat; making me feel at home immediately.

Check out these quick lists below for some ideas of things you might want to pack in your very own "welcome home" box!



Did you find these useful?

Would you like to have a PDF that you can print out and add to yourself?

Email me at with the subject line "welcome home pdf" and I will send it your way!

For more quick tips, check out our blog about moving cross-country here.

Your next move doesn't have to be a total chaos, friend! You can do this!

But if you feel really overwhelmed still, check out our moving services. We can do both face-to-face and virtual consultations.

You do not have to do this alone! Contact us now!

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