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As Seen On Netflix: How the famous Marie Kondo & The Home Edit compare

I obviously love organizing, and I love seeing how other people do it.

There are really as many methods out there as there are organizers.

Here I am going to compare two popular Netflix shows that people are most likely to be referring to when talking about organizing; Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Of course, in addition to telling you about them, I simply have to include my two cents on the topic.


1. Main concepts

KonMari: Marie Kondo is the one who introduced the concept of “sparking joy” which encourages her clients to only keeping the things that bring them actual happiness. Everything in their home should make them feel excited to wear it, touch it or use it. This usually includes a lot of decluttering and purging during the “tidying festival” (the process of going through the steps of tidying with the KonMari method). Kondo’s approach is a bit more spiritual; including connecting with the home before beginning a tidying festival and thanking things before getting rid of them.

The Home Edit: Though The Home Edit pursues aesthetic, especially when it comes to their “rainbow everything” initiative, in the end they want to make sure the client has systems and zones set up first and then make them appealing to look at. While they do not use the “spark joy” concept exactly, they want their clients to keep the things they actually use and then set up a system for the client where form meets function.

Reum Organizing: I think I fit somewhere between the two. I definitely understand Marie Kondo’s approach to only keeping things you love and I often preach intentionality when it comes to what things you keep and what you bring into your home. I also think that things can look aesthetically pleasing AND function well for you.


2. The process

KonMari: This method focuses on having a one-time, cleaning/tidying festival with the client where they go through their entire house as they work through the different categories in the house (in this specific order; clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous, sentimental items). This method takes a while and requires a lot of time and energy from the client who needs to work on decluttering and applying the KonMari concepts themselves.

The Home Edit: The Home Edit is more focused on working one room or space at a time. Their steps are edit (declutter or purge), categorize (group like things together by purpose or functionality) and contain (use products to organize and store the items).

Reum Organizing: I think communication is key and listening to the client’s vision and mission is most important. If you have a small space or a studio apartment, it makes sense to do a KonMari style method. If you want to reorganize your entire home, I love that challenge as well and most likely we would work room by room.


3. Maintaining organization

KonMari: Marie Kondo promises that with her method the maintenance is easy because the client already tidied everything. They know exactly where everything goes because they put it there themselves. Maintaining is a daily process for the client and they shouldn’t need another tidying festival for a very long time, if ever.

The Home Edit: Clea and Joanna do not shy away from coming over again. They can come back to the client for maintenance, to reset the space or reconfigure the systems that didn’t work properly from last time or to tackle a new part of the home.

Reum Organizing: When you work with me, you do not need to fear that I will leave you high and dry. I think it’s incredibly important to check in with clients and make sure that the systems we set up are still relevant and working. If you are ready to move to a different space of the house or simply want to reset the spaces already done, we can always set up another appointment.


4. Client’s commitment

KonMari: When using the KonMari method, the client is focusing on transforming their space and changing the way they view the things in their home. Of course, simplifying and tidying their entire home takes a lot of time, energy and it seems like the majority of the work falls on the client.

The Home Edit: Most of the time on show, Joanna and Clea came over to do just one space, taking a day or two to set up new systems and adjust old ones. In the end, it might take longer for the whole house to be done but it might be easier for the client to work in spurts or in some instances, to not work at all! The Home Edit theology doesn’t require you to change your life and your thinking. It’s just about organization and setting up systems that work for the client.

Reum Organizing: I am a big believer in staying in-tune with my client and participating in clear communication of our needs and vision. I follow your lead and determine when more hand-holding and encouragement is needed and when it is appropriate to assign homework. Whether you want to learn how to organize, need help organizing or simply want it done for you while you are at work, I try to keep my client’s wants, needs and lifestyle in mind.


5. Methodologies and products

KonMari: Marie Kondo is a huge fan of folding everything. She has a special folding technique that everyone is obsessed with, and I think she was the one who put file folding on the map. She also suggests using products that clients already have in their homes; shoe boxes, small jewelry boxes, etc. instead of buying products specifically for organizing.

The Home Edit: They are all about the product! I mean, they have their own product line at the Container Store. Based on the show, it does seem like they prefer to hang most things and of course, use rainbow order whenever possible. Though functionality is the goal, they do want things to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing also, so naturally crisp acrylics and beautiful baskets are a must.

Reum Organizing: I love using both hanging space and drawer space. File folding clothes in drawers is a real space saver and hung clothes can beautify a closet as well as make it accessible and efficient for the client. I use both methods where appropriate for your space and life style.


In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences.

The Home Edit is bubbly and outgoing and personable. Marie Kondo is very cute and quiet and proper. I like them both for many different reasons.

My focus is to get my client to a place where you are not just organized, but also happier, encouraged and inspired.

I do think we need to pare down the things we have and focus on what brings us happiness and daily utility.

I am here to organize, yes, but also to affirm, encourage, uplift, help, teach, and inspire you to have the home of your dream in a totally non-judgmental way.

I believe that you are already amazing and you have special gifts and a personality that is meant to shine. I am just here to pull out the gold and be your cheerleader, so you can live your best, organized life.

So let's get you organized today, so you can thrive tomorrow.

Contact us here for a free consultation!

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