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I am the founder and owner of Reum Organizing and

I am so happy you found us!

I believe that what is on the inside (our emotions, hurts, thoughts) will always overflow into our outside environment (our space and others around us). Consequently, what is on the outside also deeply affects us on the inside.


At Reum Organizing, we want to pursue order and wholeness in both places as we understand that they are inevitably intertwined.

If you are looking to get your space organized and your dreams and goals for your home realized, you have come to the right place.

We want your home to feel like the retreat you have always wanted and we want your office or place of business to be efficient and inspirational for everyone.

About: About
We hired Reum Organizing to move us into our new kitchen and set up a sustainable system for us. Violetta was so efficient and fun to work with, and picked great products that made our kitchen so much easier to keep organized. Even over a month since she's been here our kitchen organization is 99% as awesome as she left it (despite having two kids!) She also had time leftover to tackle our laundry room, which was such an added bonus!! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone lacking motivation or overwhelmed to tackle things alone.

Andrea, Michigan

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